Black friday special

Holiday Fat Buster Program!

The Holiday Season is upon us! Don't let the holiday pounds creep up on you like in years past, MOVE THAT BODY with our Holiday Fat Buster Program! Sometimes the Holidays are easier to get through with a little extra support, so share our offer with a friend and fight the fat together!

You get 6 Full Weeks of Unlimited Bootcamp Classes for just $99.00!

(Saving $121.50)

Program Starts November 23, 2018

Ends on January 5, 2019




How do I Sign-Up for the Holiday Fat Buster?

Come on in and Sign Up In-House!

Are you doing a Challenge During the Holidays?

If you lose a total of 5 pounds during your Holiday Fat Buster Program, we will reward you by giving you a FREE T-SHIRT! 

I am currently on a Intro Program, can I still take advantage of this Special?

Yes! The Holiday Fat Buster Program will begin on Friday, November 23rd, 2018 and End on Saturday, January 5th, 2019; whether you are currently on a promotion during this time. We will not be able to add any additional days that are left on your current Intro Program (ie: Groupon, etc).

My Intro Package just expired & I haven't signed up for a Membership; can I join this Special?

Yes you can! We'd love to have you BACK!

*We are breaking our own rules here - so take advantage - normally our clients cannot use back-to-back Intro Specials within a 12-Month timeframe. So this is YOUR CHANCE TO COME BACK!

I am a current Bootcamp Member, can I join this Special?

Current Bootcamp Members do not need to pay a fee for entry. If you lose a total of 5 pounds during the Holiday Fat Buster Program, you will also receive a FREE T-SHIRT!

Can I start or hold my Program at any time?

The Program Starts on Friday, November 23, 2018 and Ends on Saturday, January 5, 2019.

If you start at a later date, we cannot roll over any missed days. Nor may we be able to pause your Holiday Fat Buster Program at any time. We want to keep you MOVIN' during the hardest time of the year!